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As a PPC agency, we’re exceptionally proud of our expertise in pay-per-click advertising. 

Our PPC marketing solutions make waves and exceed in giving our clients increased website exposure, character and, most importantly, results. From an initial audit to a complete setup and optimisation, we’re here to make your marketing budget go further with less waste and improved cost per acquisition.

extramile hq team at desks
extramile hq team in meeting

Our PPC marketing team boasts passion, strategy, and unique experience. We work collaboratively with some of the biggest brands to create results-driven campaigns focused on return on investment.

Through PPC, we aim to make your website visible to as many potential customers as possible through ongoing keyword research and optimisation.

Because pay-per-click advertising is a method of proactively purchasing traffic to your site through a live auction – it’s vital to regularly optimise each campaign to ensure your budget is spent wisely inline with agreed targets.


Our PPC team performs optimisations with data at our fingertips, it’s vital to optimise all aspects of your PPC account to improve your performance inline with agreed objectives.

Our regular PPC responsibilities include:

  • Budget management

  • Keyword optimisations

  • Bid adjustments for device, location and ad scheduling

  • A/B testing of headlines & descriptions

  • Search term analysis

  • Ensuring consistency with your overall digital strategy

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Discovering the difference between SEO or PPC marketing can be tricky. The best choice for your business depends on which solution suits your current campaign, website and overall business goal. In many cases, the two can bounce off one another and work hand in hand as a collective and bring you results that one alone couldn’t achieve.

Because we specialise in both SEO and PPC, we can talk you through each option. This way, we can ensure you’ve chosen the most beneficial option for your short and long-term goals.

PPC: If you’d like to pull people to your site with no time to lose, PPC ads (that are engaging and link back to a helpful and clear landing page) would be advantageous.

SEO: If you’d like to focus on your long-term goals and gain results with longevity, SEO (including fantastic, charismatic and keyword focused copy) would benefit you. These results can take time, but they are worthwhile.

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If PPC isn’t what you’re looking for, is SEO? Check out the other website and marketing solutions we offer here at Extramile.