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Our purpose is to develop and deliver innovative strategies that give you the results you need for your business’s well-deserved growth.


Contact us and let our teams unlock your online potential.


At Extramile, we live and breathe our values through everything we do, as a company and as a growing group of individuals. 

At the heart of our culture is teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect. We encourage creativity, continual learning, the confidence to challenge and to embrace and celebrate uniqueness.



    We collaborate on every project, pooling our skills and creativity.



    We always think ahead, it is our job to solve problems before they happen.



    Is at our core. We are driven to deliver the highest standard we can, and you should expect this as standard.



    Putting our customer’s needs first, always delivering a high standard of service and building strong client relationships.



    Constantly developing our skills so that you can trust in our capability to deliver what you need. 


extramile office decor

Extramile started in two back bedrooms in Surrey – who’d have thought? A lot has changed for us since 2000, and we’re still as devoted to the business as we were on day one! The company relocated to sunny Staffordshire in 2002, and as the digital market soared, so did we.

Fast forward to 2023, and Extramile’s journey continues to go from strength to strength. With expanded operations across the country, some would say we are unstoppable.



Business prospers because of the team driving it. We work hard to attract, retain, and develop a happy, creative and highly skilled team who are committed to being at the forefront of the latest digital technologies, providing innovative and engaging web marketing strategies. We come from all walks of life, but we all work with a common cause – to build our clients’ businesses, develop ourselves and have fun!

  • extramile aidan team image

    Aidan Holcroft

    Web Developer

  • extramile amanda team image

    Amanda Brooke

    Managing Director

  • extramile andy team image

    Andy Taylor

    Studio Manager

  • extramile billy team image

    Billy Somal

    Project Manager

  • extramile brandon team image

    Brandon Morris

    Web Developer

  • dara mc laughlin

    Dara Mc Laughlin

    Social Media Manager

  • extramile hollie team image

    Hollie Rowe

    Digital Marketing Account Manager

  • extramile holly team image

    Holly Cartlidge

    Junior Digital Marketing Account Manager

  • extramile james team image

    James Roberts

    Sales and Marketing Director

  • extramile jene team image

    Jene Knight

    Head of Search

  • extramile jenna team image

    Jenna Jones

    Junior Digital Marketing Account Manager

  • extramile katy team image

    Katy Richards

    HR Manager

  • extramile louisa team image

    Louisa Rochford

    Project Coordinator

  • extramile macy team image

    Macy Williams

    Digital Marketing Apprentice

  • extramile matt team image

    Matthew Morray

    Digital Designer

  • extramile nancy team image

    Nancy Powell

    Global Marketing Services Specialist

  • extramile peter team image

    Peter Voss

    Account Manager

  • extramile reece team image

    Reece Johnson

    Business Development Executive

  • extramile rob team image

    Rob Gibson

    Digital Marketing Account Manager

  • extramile sarah team image

    Sarah Evison

    Sales Prospector

  • extramile shane team image

    Shane Johnson

    Senior Web Developer

  • extramile shan team image

    Shannon Wright

    Lead Designer

  • extramile tasha team image

    Tasha Benger

    Finance Manager

  • extramile tom team image

    Tom Mulli

    Digital Marketing Account Manager

  • extramile tristan team image

    Tristan Veasey

    Digital Marketing Apprentice


Extramile Digital is an expanding digital agency that operates in the UK. Our HQ offices are based in Stone, Staffordshire, where we employ hybrid and remote employees.



We take recognition seriously, both for our company and our team, and in giving our clients the certainty that we are consistently improving ourselves and working to the highest industry standards.