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Make monthly reporting a doddle

Your bespoke reporting dashboard

We’ll create a bespoke dashboard for your business, that matches the metrics you want to keep a close eye on. These data points could be website traffic, conversions (think phone calls, emails and form fills) or other metrics relating to your marketing campaign performance.

Show the value of your marketing

Monitoring your marketing KPIs is important. It demonstrates that your strategic efforts are paying off and having a significant effect on performance. Similarly, having all your important data at a glance highlights golden opportunities to take action and implement some data-driven improvements.

Key data points

We’ll capture all your important data points, and encompass them into one digestible and visually appealing report. You will receive this report as often as you like, normally monthly. Here are just some of the metrics we can include:

  • Website performance


    Engagement time

    Conversions by type

    Keyword rankings

  • Paid search performance (PPC)





  • Social media





  • Strategy planning



    Customer lifetime value

    Best selling products/services


Understand your conversions

We breakdown the conversion activities that take place on your website so that can see exactly how these potential customers found you and how they behaved on your website. You can then share this data with your wider operations team with confidence.

Let’s get started

Use the contact form button to reach out to the experts at Extramile Digital. We can’t wait to hear more about your business and the types of reporting metrics you need help with. While you’re here, you could also consider our other digital marketing services to work alongside our reporting services: