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SEO Website Migration

Your new website would be incomplete without an SEO website migration. Working with an experienced SEO specialist (cough cough) is essential when making significant changes to your website.

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Essentially, a website migration is the process of moving from an old site to a new one or making large scale changes to a website. This could include a domain name change, transitioning to a new Content Management System (CMS), redesigning your website’s appearance, or any combination of these to update your website. 


Around 80% of all website migrations result in a drop in traffic, and it’s our job to mitigate this loss as much as possible by implementing strong SEO foundations and giving your site a search engine-friendly blueprint. Our dedicated website migrations team help to prevent disruptions to traffic and site errors that could hurt your new website’s all important first-impression.

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Understanding Website MigrationsWithout Jargon

Moving to a new website without a thought for SEO migration is like moving house without any of your belongings. You risk losing traffic, seeing a drop in how high up you rank in search engine result pages, and reduced authority through the eyes of the almighty Google Gods – which, trust us, you don’t want to do. Not to mention, any previous SEO efforts you’ve made to your current site may be lost in the move.
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Data-Driven Design

We collaborate with web designers to make data-driven recommendations to your new websites structure based on data from your existing website. Our website migration experts are a key part of a successful website strategy and help to deliver a seamless browsing experience for your customers.


We’ll optimise your new website for long-term online visibility to minimise traffic disruption after launching your new website. We also ensure you don’t lose content and keywords that are bringing valuable traffic and customers to your current website. Our SEO Migration team maximise the performance of your website, assessing opportunities and areas for improvement, whilst working to align with your wider marketing and business objectives.

Interested in the details?

The sooner SEO can get involved in the process, the better your new website will perform and the more efficient the work will be.

One of our SEO migration specialists will attend your website kick-off meeting to ensure we know what you’re all about and what your goals are.

We’re expert analysts. We trust the data and let it guide our decision-making. The recommendations we make aren’t just our personal preferences, they’re what we know will work best.

By diving into how your current site is set up and running an audit, we can determine which pages perform well and need to be treated sensitively during the migration.

We collaborate with our design team to ensure the structure of your new sitemap is set up for success.

This is where creativity and strategy meet to ensure both your users and search engines can navigate your site with ease.

Keyword implementation can help your website show up more in search results and bring relevant traffic to your website organically, maximising the chances of conversion.

Before writing and implementing any new content for your site we’ll compile keyword terms that you want to rank for, look at what terms your top competitors are ranking for and what your current site ranks well for.

We can then provide you with content guidelines and a keyword map to inform your content writing and help your web pages drive quality traffic to your new website.

The snippets of text you see on a Google search result – this is your metadata. Optimising this can improve visibility for your priority terms, and increase clicks through to your website.

To ensure you can track your new website’s performance closely and accurately we’ll conduct a thorough review of your GA4 account and set up any new events that you want to track.

When you move to a new website, the URL structure of some webpages might change. This will mean the old URL will now send traffic to a 404 page which will have a negative impact on your SEO. Redirects will allow us to map your old URLs to new URLs before your website goes live, ensuring your users are directed to exactly where they need to be.

We’ll run an audit of your staging site and fix any urgent issues before you switch your website live.

Go live support 

We’ll take care of some final technical checks for your new site and monitor post-live performance closely. It’s important to remember that it’s normal to see traffic drop slightly after a website migration. Our services aim to maintain what you had previously, and lay a sound SEO foundation to build on this month on month.


Whether you’re launching a new website, changing your CMS, or adding/merging domains, we don’t see SEO migration as an optional extra. We believe it’s a necessity.


Up to 80% of traffic can be lost when switching to a new site if SEO migration isn’t considered, which can certainly take the shine away from your business’s brand new toy. Making the investment in a new website is a big decision, so it’s important not to cut corners.


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“The work they have done and continue to do on our website, and SEO has also been brilliant and helped to increase traffic to numbers we had never seen previously.  They understand us, our products and what’s important to us and our customers.

“The Extramile Digital team are a delight to work with and I’m excited to see what the future brings us all.”

— Filon
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“We were looking to get a new website and get some help on how to draw customers to the new site, we contacted Extramile Digital who put a lot of work into our site to give Vacucom a new fresh and professional looking website, we also used Hollie and her team to carry out the SEO, we never used anyone to look at the SEO before and to be honest I was a bit sceptical but we have definitely seen an improvement on the amount of enquiries we have been getting as a direct result of the work Extramile have done for us.

“Extramile arranges regular meetings and lots of email correspondence showing us all the analytics. I would highly recommend Extramile for anyone in business who needs a boost with getting customers to know where they can find you and to give you a modern and easy way to navigate the website.”

— Vacucom

Website Migration FAQs

We have a specialist SEO migration team who manage the transition of websites day in and day out. Their experience with migrations provides them with better attention to detail and more strategic solutions.

As a full service digital agency, we’re experts at collaborating with developers and designers to put SEO at the heart of your new website. We relish new projects and working with our clients to help them achieve their business goals.

This will depend on the size and scale of your website changes. The planning and preparation can take weeks, but the majority of work can be done while the website is still being built or while content is being uploaded to the site. We work with the project management team to complete your SEO migration work in line with your agreed go-live date.

Your primary goal with an SEO migration should be to maintain quality organic traffic to your website and your ranking positions. Search engines can be slow to adapt to website changes and this can mean a temporary period of turbulence for your rankings and traffic whilst your site is re-crawled. However, we would expect this to recover within a short period of time.

Our migration team’s experience means that every step will be taken to prevent disruption. However, there are many influencing factors meaning that this can sometimes be out of our hands. The great news is that we will continue to monitor your new website for three months post live so that reactive changes can be made.

Arrange your SEO Migration

Whether you’re thinking about a new website or already in the process of migrating, it’s not too late to get SEO involved in your new website migration.

Contact our team today and our SEO migration experts will arrange a chat to talk through your options.