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Stand out in the chemical sector

Build your online presence to attract and retain new customers.

We can help you reach your marketing goals.

A digital marketing agency who understands the chemical sector

We appreciate that the chemical sector is complex. There is a wide range of different chemicals on the market, many of which are competing for the same application or function. By turning to a specialist digital marketing agency like Extramile Digital, we can help you promote your products and services to your target customers.


Depending on your situation and priorities, you may benefit from a new website design to ensure your product range is organised well and portrays the correct messaging. Equally if your website is ok, we can delve straight into your SEO, PPC and social media options to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Be seen by your target customers

Your sector is highly competitive. But with a strategic digital marketing campaign lead by people who truly care, you’ll be able to shine.


Whether you’re looking to enter new sectors with your chemistry, or promote your chemistry as a better option compared with conventional options, we can help you reach these goals.


Ultimately, we want to see people visit your website, like what they read and call you up to make an order.

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What our clients have to say about us

Extramile has been working with DWK Life Sciences since 2018. From my experience and those of colleagues, they have been the ideal partner – creative, structured and reliable. The design team in particular have played an essential role in supporting our key campaigns at a global level.