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Expert training by Extramile Digital

We’ll share our skills and knowledge with your team

Knowledge is power.

Knowing how to carry out effective marketing tactics will make your B2B business formidable. Sometimes you need to leave the confines of your office/site to gain new skills, ideas and perspectives. Use our workshop and training services to increase your digital marketing capabilities, and take these new findings back to your site to share with your wider team.

  • At your site or our office
  • people icon One-to-one or larger roundtable
  • aeroplane icon Half-day or full-day sessions
  • At a time and date that suits you
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In person training sessions

We cover all aspects of website maintenance and digital marketing, depending on your team’s knowledge gaps and weak areas. You can choose from the following:

  • Website CMS walkthrough

    Learn how to edit and add new pages to your website CMS

  • Google Analytics GA4

    Learn how to explore traffic data, track conversions and apply relevant filters

  • Google Tag Manager

    Set up a new tag in this workshop and check that is it firing correctly

  • SEO best practice

    Covering keyword research, optimised content and technical health

  • Email marketing

    Find out how to write brilliant emails and measure campaign success

  • Google Adwords

    How to target your customers quickly, with efficient budget use

  • Paid social media

    How to engage your customers through paid social ads

  • Technical copywriting

    How to write informative and readable technical content

  • Conversion tracking

    We’ll show you how to closely track conversions in GA4

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Meet some of our experts

  • extramile jene team image
    Jene, Head of Digital Marketing

    On-going training is crucial to any marketing team. It ensures employees are continually developing, and are satisfied with their learning opportunities.

    People finish our workshops feeling really good about taking their new skills back to their site, and applying them to their business.”

  • Carla Crichton
    Carla, SEO Account Manager

    “Our training days are nice and relaxed. We pitch them at the knowledge level you are, whether that is beginner, slightly experienced or advanced.

    You’re free to ask any questions during the workshop, in fact we hope that you ask us lots throughout the day. It shows that you’re engaged and interested in what we are showing you.

    We’ll also make you a great cup of tea/coffee.”

  • black and white photo andy
    Andy, Studio Manager

    “Getting a new website should be fun. We’re here to make sure you understand how to get the most out of your CMS, and are comfortable making changes.

    We’ll make sure you are confident with the inner workings of your website, and answer any questions you have regarding your CMS’s plugins and capabilities.”

  • extramile billy team image
    Billy, Project Manager

    “Before we arrange any training workshop, we get to know you and your business, to make sure what we have planned for you is the right level, and addresses your team’s knowledge and skills gaps.

    We’re confident we will prepare and deliver a workshop that will give your marketing team the most up-to-date best practice and know-how.”

  • jade bird - extramile digital social media manager
    Jade, Social Media Manager

    “Our social media workshops cover all aspects of social media management on all platforms, depending on the channels you use for your business. You may even need help taking on a newer platform, such as TikTok.

    We will give you access to the tips and tricks we use to engage with as many people from your target audience as possible, using engaging and strategic social media posts.”

Arrange your training session

Booking your training session with Extramile Digital couldn’t be easier.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to fill out your details, and let us know which type(s) of workshops you’re interested in.

A member of our team will get back to you and gather all the information we need from you regarding the skills you’d like to develop. From here, we’ll agree on costings, timing and location. Then it’s over to us to prepare a truly informative and exciting training workshop that leaves you energised and ready to take on new challenges.

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