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As a creative digital marketing agency, we’re ecstatic to shout about our innovative capabilities.

With social media, brainstorming imaginative ideas, brand persona, and hot topic trends drive our passions to help your brand shine.

Our aim with social media marketing strategy is to give our clients exposure, character, and fantastic results. We know that social media can drive high levels of visibility and offer fabulous opportunities for fast-paced engagement.

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Our social media marketing team boasts creativity, passion, and a unique strategy. We work collaboratively to create engaging campaigns driven to benefit your business through return on investment.

Platforms, channels, trends, news and strategies can change in seconds due to the busy yet wonderful social media industry. We live and breathe social media, so you can trust us to bring your brand to life in an ever-changing landscape, matching your brand guidelines, tone of voice and persona.



Our social team analyses data and uses this information to develop competitive strategies in line with your brand’s social objective. We use our ever-growing knowledge to make sure your brand gets the exposure it needs across the right platforms.

Our social media marketing packages can include:

  • Engaging content creation

  • Analysis & reporting

  • Ad scheduling optimisation

  • Profile optimisations

  • Trend research

  • Paid advertising

extramile team in the office
Our social media marketing specialists can help you to:
  • Find out who your audience is and where they spend their time
  • Make your content engaging, bold and stand out from the crowd
  • Compose essential research to find relevant hashtags, trends and updates
  • Find out what high-performing content looks like in your business sector
  • Help you to keep your content fresh, driving traffic and conversions


We are skilled in helping you boost your online presence, attract clicks, build engagement and deliver meaningful conversions, giving you non-stop support and visibility throughout. Our social media strategy approach is reactive, vigilant, and collaborative.

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We specialise in specific channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube and our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in using them in the most advantageous ways possible.

Our content writers will also work with our social media team to achieve that all-important persona for your brand’s tone of voice and ensure we deliver engaging copy. We aim to make your brand memorable for all the right reasons to give users a reason to revisit your online channels and share them with like-minded users.