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F. Ball & Co Ltd

Our goal for F. Ball’s new website was to enhance user experience (UX), drive online engagement, and showcase their premium flooring products with a brand new and bespoke-built website.


Explore the innovative strategies and solutions we implemented to enhance UX, drive engagement, and boost sales for the UK’s leading flooring adhesive company.


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The Challenge

As an industry leader in the manufacture of flooring adhesive and preparation products, F. Ball needed a high-quality website that better represented its market-leading business.


F. Ball’s old website had become dated, slow and difficult to navigate. Key features weren’t working correctly, and SEO improvements were required to enhance the volume and quality of traffic to the website.




The project ignited with all of F. Ball’s key stakeholders in attendance for a kick-off meeting. We conducted detailed user journey mapping and an interactive sitemap exercise to clearly understand F. Ball’s goals and how we could improve the user experience for their customers.


A full assessment of their existing system was carried out to identify opportunities for improvement, enabling us to elevate core features, lay strong SEO foundations and appeal to an international audience. This process is the equivalent in F. Ball’s industry to sub floor preparation; without which the end product will undoubtedly suffer.



Our team forged a user-centric website for F. Ball that positions them as the industry authority on subfloor preparation and adhesives. By prioritising clear, trustworthy information and intuitive navigation, the site empowers F. Ball’s target audiences – from flooring professionals to architects – to find what they need quickly.

This new website helps establish F. Ball as the go-to resource in their industry and fosters a valuable sense of trust. Additionally, the website’s technical prowess is primed to generate high-quality traffic and new business after a successful SEO-led website migration.

  • Ensuring the new website is fast, intuitive and easy to use across all devices.

  • Enhancing their distinctive branding by developing a dynamic design system that will be utilised not only on the website but also in future marketing efforts.

  • Connecting an easily manageable CMS that allows for flexible updates to products, new articles and other web pages by the client team.

  • Providing users with accurate features such as a product coverage calculator, Wholesale Locator, and RAG search to improve the customer experience.

  • Create user-focused landing pages tailored to F. Ball’s distinct user groups, delivering personalised experiences for each.

  • Established a clear visual distinction between the F. Ball corporate/product site and the members-only Ball Rewards, while maintaining a consistent user experience across both areas.

Working with a company of F. Ball’s prestige has been a fantastic experience for our Digital Marketing and Studio teams. The site presented complex challenges and requirements that pushed our designed and developers to achieve something truly special.

We were able to handover a website that remedied every headache and squashed every bug that came before. F. Ball’s new responsive website is both fast and reliable, enhancing the customer journey from the first click to conversion.

The end result is a gorgeous contemporary website, designed to deliver a cohesive and supportive user experience. We’ll continue to work alongside F. Ball with specialist SEO support to build on the strong foundations of their new website.


Our team are creative, talented and brimming with passion. We’re able to achieve results like this because we take the time to get to know your goals, problems and customers, allowing us to take a strategic approach to helping your business.

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