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Black Friday: Digitally Evolved or Grossly Oversold?

By now you’ll have an inbox or social media feed full of Black Friday offers. The biggest sale of the year started out with humble hype for a day-long event. Buyers would line up overnight at the doors of retailers and shopping centres to ensure they got the best deals before Christmas.  Those days areContinue reading “Black Friday: Digitally Evolved or Grossly Oversold?”

Embracing Growth: Apprentify Apprentices flourish at Extramile Digital

Here at Extramile Digital, we are thrilled to share an exciting milestone in our team’s journey. We are proud to announce that we have taken a bold step towards fostering growth and innovation by bringing on two more talented apprentices through Apprentify, meaning we now have four apprentices within the team. 

To Thread or Not To Thread

On July 6th Meta launched its latest app, Threads, a direct competitor to Twitter. Within Threads’ first five days, the platform gained over 100 million sign ups and became the fastest-growing app in history (move over TikTok)! While Meta may have successfully persuaded users to join Threads initially, there is no guarantee that they willContinue reading “To Thread or Not To Thread”