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wow benchpress live 2024

We’re going to Benchpress Live 2024

Mar 14, 2024

What is this event?

On March 20, we’ll be heading down to London for one of the most important events in our marketing calendar: BenchPress Live. Benchpress has grown to become the largest survey of UK independent agency owners, and we’ll be hearing the findings of the survey live at the event. 

The sold-out event is just for founders and directors who run agencies with fee income in excess of £1m. In other words, it’s packed full of ambitious agency owners.

Why are we going?

Benchmarking ourselves against other successful agencies is important. It makes sure we have considered all options with regards to our approach to business growth and what we offer our clients. Hearing a wide range of ideas and strategies will also ensure we are able to overcome challenges we may face in the future.

We’re hoping to come away from this event with an array of different perspectives to reflect on, implement and share with the rest of our team back at Extramile Digital. 

Stronger together

Of course we are excited to hear from the ‘big-name’ speakers at this event, but we’re arguably more excited to speak to the people in the audience. We want to chat with other agency owners on a human-level, to see how we can help each other. 

Collaborating with other agencies may seem counterintuitive at first glance — afterall, they’re our competition. But in reality, we can be stronger together. We have different strengths, focuses and goals, and could really benefit from forging strategic alliances that benefit our individual businesses, and our clients’.

About Extramile Digital

We are a Staffordshire based digital marketing agency specialising in B2B website design, SEO, social media and PPC. Our location puts us close to Birmingham — an area with huge growth potential in a wide range of sectors. 

See you there?

We are looking forward to speaking to other agency owners and finding out how we can work together to offer the widest range of services and expertise. Managing Director, Amanda Brooke and Sales and Marketing Director James Roberts will be attending. Click the photos to connect with us on LinkedIn:

Similarly, drop us a message using our contact form saying “See you at Benchpress!” and we’ll keep an eye out for you during the networking time.