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Specialist E-Commerce Development

“42% of all ecommerce sites are built with WooCommerce.” –

WooCommerce is a dedicated e-commerce plug-in for WordPress, providing sophisticated functionality and integration with a range of online payment gateways.

With WooCommerce it is possible to add a shop either to an existing or a new WordPress site. It is based on sound SEO practice and so will attract the attention of search engines with your product descriptions. It integrates with Facebook shop and has a wide range of plug-ins that can enhance the performance of your online store.

extramile team in the office

With WooCommerce’s support for geo-location, it’s perfect for servicing a variety of countries through your website, seamlessly changing currency and tax calculations in response to the user’s location.

extramile team meeting

Extramile’s developers are experts in WordPress and WooCommerce, building sites that are clean, powerful, reliable and high-performing, as well as being easy to manage.