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Your Marketing Strategy

We’re experts in facilitating business and marketing strategy, creating targeted, well thought out B2B marketing strategies that achieve your business goals.

Vision Vision

A compelling vision provides a clear direction for any business and is fundamental to a successful business strategy. It motivates employees, provides purpose and can also resonate with customers who often connect with brands that have a clear, identity and purpose.

Business Goals Business Goals

Clear strategic goals provide a framework for evaluating performance and allow a business to track its success. Goals keep activity focused and encourage innovation, productivity and efficiency. Agility helps keep a business competitive and decision-making sharp.

Strategy Strategy

Now you’ve got your vision and your goals set, it’s time to develop your strategy to achieve your goals. Having the right team around you is vital to give your strategy a competitive edge and more importantly, pace.


Unsure where to start? We can help.

So where do we come in?

As a stakeholder, our effort and focus are directly aligned with your strategic goals. Our purpose is to create a strategy and plan which enables you to engage with your audience in the best and most creative ways possible to deliver increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, positive brand perception and trust. Our job is to be accountable for delivering this.


At Extramile we live and breathe B2B strategy, it’s what drives us! Having our extensive experience at your fingertips enables you to be proactive rather than reactive. It means when you face challenges, you already have a plan in place to overcome any roadblocks.


We’ll help you think bigger

You might have self-limiting beliefs that are stopping your business from reaching its true potential. Our knowledge of B2B digital marketing means we know what can be achieved with a strong strategy.

We adapt and reallign

As with any good strategy, our plans are dynamic. They take into account changing markets, uncertainty and changes in priorities. We’ll prepare you for challenges and increase your business’s resilience.

What our clients say:

“Amanda has been an arms-length constant in my, and my teams leadership career for over 8 years to this point. She has been pivotal in crafting a team of enthusiastic, hands-on managers into a team of leaders, capable of defining the future of a 24-year-old business with a 40 strong workforce well into the future without our founding owner at the helm. Our continued year on year growth is testament to our progress.

Amanda is well versed in teaching standard leadership thought processes and frameworks – but she is well more than that. She’s been through the journey with us, shared the failures and successes, the tears and the laughter, and she remains as my mentor as Commercial Director providing me with thought leadership and challenge as my journey continues. As I begin to implement another idea to push the business on to the next phase, Amanda is there by my side.”

Geoff Yates, Commercial Director of Espace

“We recently engaged in an exercise to map our internal sales to fulfilment processes to identify areas for streamlining and improvement as we look to embed an ERP system, as well as how this could positively impact our marketing strategy.

The strategy specialists took the time to understand our unique needs and challenges, facilitating collaborative sessions that enabled us to make informed decisions and put together a plan of action for the business. As a result we are moving forward and delivering on those actions.”

Asim Ali, Kinder Valley