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Are You Searching For An SEO Agency Based In The West Midlands?

We’re glad you’ve found us.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving the visibility of your website with the rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs) – making your web pages (your content) appear ahead of your competition.


This has the favourable effect of increasing the amount of traffic your content generates for competitive keyword terms, leading to increased profitability.

With effective SEO, you are essentially making it easier for the people who matter most – your target audience – to find your website, your products and your services via search.

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Along with the rest of the digital marketing landscape, SEO is changing all of the time. This constant state of flux can make it difficult to pin down the most effective strategies and techniques to implement and adhere to in-house.

That’s where we come in. Our deeply passionate SEO specialists keep track of the crucial developments within the field and constantly adapt their strategy and practice to suit your website and business goals.

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Before we do anything, we get to know you as a business properly – what makes you unique, what makes you tick, what you want to achieve as an organisation.

We then combine this essential knowledge with our understanding and experience of both the tried and the tested SEO techniques, as well as the latest and greatest innovative practices that the market has to offer.

This combination of internal considerations (your business) and external factors (the market) ensures that you get the highest-quality SEO service in the West Midlands – one which provides an excellent return on investment and efficiently delivers upon your commercial objectives.

Our data-driven approach combines technical SEO, brilliant content and on-optimisations, to help you rank well in search.


Most importantly, we consider the intent of search terms. Our focus is on core, relevant keywords that convert into customers. We establish these priority keywords at the start of your SEO campaign and report on their rankings each month.

Meet Your New SEO Team

Our dedicated and accredited Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Team has one goal: to make your website and your business visible to the people who matter.

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Search Engine Marketing Is Our Expertise

At Extramile, we provide high-quality SEO to businesses spanning the West Midlands and beyond, ranging from SMEs through to large, international organisations. Based in Staffordshire, our SEO team works with businesses all over the Midlands in towns and cities such as Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Our SEO service is an unique offering due to the diverse range of teams and capabilities that we are lucky enough to be able to fulfill internally. For example, we pride ourselves on our collaborative, cross-team approach and methodology. In practice, this means that whatever your unique requirements, we are able to design projects that can enrich your operations across the broad spectrum of digital marketing activities: from website design and migration, through to branding and social media marketing – we can even do multilingual content optimisation!


Another key factor which sets Extramile apart is that as well as being a talented cross-functional team of digital marketing experts and specialists, we are also incredibly friendly and approachable. When working with extraordinary businesses across a broad range of complex sectors, this crucial facet to our operation goes a long way – as proven by past experience. See what some of our clients had to say about the way we work.

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How Does SEO Work?

Utilising vast knowledge and experience, our SEO specialists are able to increase the amount of relevant traffic that is directed to your website through the deployment of specific techniques – the results of which are objective and measurable.


For example, we make edits and additions to your website content and code that will benefit you in both the short and long-term by increasing the ranking of your website within SERPs. The better your business’s online platform ranks for relevant search terms, the more likely your intended target audience are to make a purchase through your website – seeing your brand as a trusted source with which to do business.

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We recognise the unmistakable fact that every business is completely unique. That’s why we offer a variety of SEO packages to best suit the requirements of your organisation – including your commercial objectives and budget.

As part of your package, you will receive a monthly report that illustrates the impact of the work we have completed. This monthly SEO report tracks the changes that our updates have elicited on a variety of aspects of your business, for example increases in organic traffic, or a reduction in the page load time of your website’s landing pages.

Reach out today to discuss how we can help you.