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Email marketing is a powerful tool to build lasting customer relationships by keeping your audience engaged and informed. Our B2B email marketing strategists can help make email one of your best performing channels.

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According to ChiefMarketer, email marketing drives 50% of all marketing leads for B2B businesses. Using our expertise we can enhance your email performance to drive more traffic to your website. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that will maximise customer retention and lead conversion, using intelligent and personalised automated emails and well-timed campaigns.

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Once we have determined your email marketing goals and have an understanding of your wider business objectives, we will tailor a campaign or a long-term strategy to help you achieve exponential growth.

We’ll look at multi-channel campaigns, comprehensive automated email journeys, adding value to your subscribers, and making analytical optimisations to maximise results.

By connecting your mail system to your CRM and website, we can personalise and automate email marketing that will nurture the relationship between your brand and customers. We aim to enhance the customer experience through a coherent, tailored, informative journey. Unlike traditional email campaigns, automation can add value by engaging the audience at the right time. Examples of automation include:

  • Welcome 
  • Aftersales
  • Abandoned Basket
  • Birthday
  • Operational
  • Reputation/Feedback

According to ChiefMarketer, email marketing drives 50% of all marketing leads for B2B businesses. Whether you want to drive sales consistently, seasonally or to promote unique events, email campaigns can offer your subscribers a VIP experience. We’ll use our expertise to refine your email campaigns and maximise conversions using A/B split testing, detailed GA4 reporting with UTM tracking, and implementing email best practices.

Keep your subscribers informed with your latest news, events and promotions. We’ll send monthly or weekly newsletters that drive traffic to your website and add value for your subscribers.

Do you need help finding time to write email copy or produce content to send out? We’ll adopt your brand tone of voice and craft beautifully written emails that can help get more clicks to your website. If you’re looking for a fresh design template, we can help refresh your emails and suggest how to maximise user experience.

Should you require development support to set up your new mailer account, we can help connect your CRM system and manage a variety of integrations and tools, such as Google Analytics. We can offer training and consultancy services if you’re new to email marketing or want to get the most out of your account.

Email Marketing Pricing

We offer a range of email marketing services so we can tailor our approach to deliver your goals efficiently. From nurturing your existing customers, to lead and sales generation, we can craft intelligent automations and ROI-focused campaigns.

From £400 per month


Keep your subscribers informed with a monthly newsletter to build the strength of your brand community.

  • E-Newsletter template creation
  • Monthly edition
  • Share news, blogs and events
  • Graphic creation
  • Content writing
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From £800 per month

Sales Campaign

Drive your targeted audience to your website and maximise conversions with our sales-focused email campaign package.

  • Email template creation
  • One email per week
  • Conversion driven
  • Strategy plan
  • Delivery reporting & analytics
  • GDPR compliance
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From £1000 one-off campaign

Event Campaign

Looking to generate leads or attendees for your next event? We offer a one-off campaign package to increase your event attendance.

  • Email template creation
  • One-off event lead generation
  • Event countdown timer
  • Booking form integration
  • Includes four emails as standard
  • Campaign reporting & analytics
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Email Automation Pricing

Email automation uses events on your website or in your CRM to fire emails automatically. This can help your business operate smarter, faster and improve customer retention by sending personalised and relevant emails at the perfect time.

£1000 one-off

Email Automation Set Up Only

If you’re looking for help to get you on your way, we offer Email Automation set up and training for a one-off fee, starting from £1000.

  • Mailing system setup (if required)
  • CRM review and integration
  • Custom field creation
  • One email template design
  • Automation training
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From £400 per month

Email Automation Management

Starting from just £400 per month, we can help improve how you manage and market to your CRM data with intelligent and personalised email automation set up.

  • Email template creation
  • Automation set up
  • Automation strategy
  • A/B split testing
  • Customer tagging
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Monthly call & reporting
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£1000 One-off

Automation & Email Strategy Consultancy

Improve your email marketing and automation performance by working with our strategy team to improve how you use your customer data.

  • Strategy meeting
  • Strategy plan
  • Quarterly strategy review
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If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you refine your email and automation strategy or to book a consultancy session, complete the form below. A member of our team will get back to you shortly.