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Fact Or Fable? SEO Spiel That You Didn’t Realise Was False…

Sep 26, 2016

Many myths exist in the realm of SEO. At ExtraMile, we’re always keen to dispel the untruths that we hear on a regular basis. Here’s our top 4…

“SEO… Isn’t That Just About Ranking Highly In Google?”

Yes, it’s an absolute joy to be on page one of Google but don’t have an SEO party yet if you’re ranking number one for a couple of obscure terms. Ask yourself, what am I ranking for? Is this keyword converting? Are we getting a decent level of organic search? Many factors determine SEO success – not just rankings. When you can attribute organic growth and conversions to SEO strategies, that’s when you’ve succeeded. Which leads me on to my next myth…

“My SEO Efforts/Investment Will Pay Off In A Few Weeks/Months…”

SEO results take time (particularly if we’re working with a new domain). Many agencies will tell you that it takes 4-6 months for the investment pay off (and this is what we tend to say too!) but stick with it for a year and the results should be evident.

“A Home Page Should Have Lots And Lots Of Copy And Use ALL Of The Keywords.”

Not true. The home page should be an overview of who you are and what you do with a clear call to action. Yes, being mindful of keywords when creating this copy will have its advantages but user experience is important too – bombarding the user with content compromises this. Which leads me on to…

“User Experience Is Nice To Have But It’s Not Essential When Creating An SEO Strategy!”

False! Some of the key metrics that SEO Specialists will report on in bounce rate, time spent on site and the total number of pages viewed. A site designed and developed with no thought towards user experience will have a detrimental effect on all of these metrics.

SEO myths will exist as long as Google’s algorithm is changing (always) but recognising false advice will contribute towards creating an effective SEO strategy.