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Digital Marketing Techniques For The Chemical Industry

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Digital Marketing Techniques For The Chemical Industry

Jan 21, 2019

In many ways, B2B marketing campaigns can be far more challenging than consumer-facing brands due to the limited number of promotional channels available. And if you are marketing within the chemical industry then you really do need nerves of steel because marketing in this sector is even tougher as it is governed by strict regulations/legislation, globalisation, and an immense amount of product diversity.

 In addition, product differentiation and the marketing of USPs can be very hard to achieve. This is because the vast majority of chemicals are made up of identical components which are listed on the product’s packaging. Without innovative marketing, it is very hard for a chemical company to survive and be competitive in both their regional and the global market.      

 Taking a closer look at the chemical industry it is clear that it is more than just a single industry. It is, in fact, a group of industries producing a wide range of products all doing completely different jobs with different benefits across many segments. In fact, there are very few industries across the world that do not require chemicals within their processes.

 Historically, large producers dominated the chemical industry. But today smaller niche players are challenging the marketplace that have reimagined their markets, products, services, and technology.  They concentrate upon consumer demand, providing individualised batches to suit specific customers needs, focussing upon the user experience. For example, the paint and coatings sector where the customer base is being sold experiences rather than products. It is no longer about the colour of the paint, but how it looks on the wall and sits within the whole home experience. These companies are able to do this using valuable customer data and insights gained through digital marketing campaign strategies, which will give them that additional competitive edge.

Strong Branding

 Branding is a critical part of the digital marketing strategy for companies within the chemical industry. Customers in this sector historically display limited brand loyalty – they are happy to switch brands if they can get a chemically equivalent product. Therefore chemical companies need to focus heavily upon creating a unique brand name through factors such as consistent delivery of a quality product, competitive pricing, customer support, a positive reputation etc., all of which can be communicated to the target audience through digital marketing techniques such as content marketing. The unique brand name and a positive perception that companies such as Dow Chemicals, DuPont and BASF SE have built up is the reason why many buyers do not hesitate to buy chemicals from these established brands.