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Digital marketing for the manufacturing industry: A powerful performance partnership

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Digital marketing for the manufacturing industry: A powerful performance partnership

Jun 11, 2024

Smart factories are brimming over with data collected from sensors, machinery monitoring and production tracking. Yet it’s not just the factory floor that is a hub of useful data ⸺ a manufacturer’s website is a lucrative datapoint that many businesses aren’t maximising the potential of. 

At Extramile Digital, we understand that navigating the complexities of a manufacturing business. We can help you access, analyse and act on your website data so that you drive the most conversions.

You’ll reap the following benefits by working with B2B marketing companies:

Access to a range of services

Serving either as an extension to your existing team or in place of one, we’ll bring our expertise across all facets of digital marketing. Replicating the same breadth of skills in-house would call for significantly more time allocation and budget.

By choosing an all-in-one digital marketing agency, your business can access services across the entire spectrum of digital marketing from web design & development right through to SEO, PPC, social media, and more! 

Depending on what you need from us and your marketing goals, we might kick-off with a brand spanking new website with exceptional user experience. Then we’ll put together a strategic SEO plan to ensure your website ranks well on search engines, a social media campaign that builds a strong brand presence and an agile PPC campaign. The right agency gives you the flexibility to choose your services and change your priorities over time.  

Strategic planning

The digital space is rapidly evolving, new platforms emerge, algorithms change and consumer behaviour shifts seemingly overnight. Keeping up with these changes in-house can be a full-time job, diverting valuable resources away from your core business. 

With insights to the latest industry developments, a B2B digital marketing agency can quickly adjust your strategy based on real-time market trends and competitor analysis, utilising comprehensive resources to explore new marketing channels or tactics that may not be feasible for a smaller in-house team.

Advanced marketing technology

Marketing automation platforms, SEO tools, social media analytics ⸺ the list goes on. These software solutions can be expensive, often requiring large upfront licensing fees and ongoing subscription costs.

However, modern marketing agencies have access to advanced marketing technologies that allow for the collection of valuable data, monitoring technical issues and even automating repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on other priorities. 

Additionally, agencies utilise analytics dashboards that provide detailed insights into campaign performance, allowing for data-driven decision making and campaign optimisation.

Dedicated content creation

Manufacturing processes and products can be highly technical, making it difficult to create high-quality, technical content that educates your target audience and showcases your expertise. 

However, by conducting thorough audience research and taking the time to develop a deep understanding of your business, a dedicated agency can craft compelling content that resonates with your target audience, ensuring that your content speaks directly to their challenges and interests.

As well as informational blog posts, agencies create a mix of content formats to cater to different audience preferences.

Results & resources

What’s the biggest advantage of a B2B marketing agency for manufacturing businesses? Experience.

At Extramile, we have worked with numerous companies in the manufacturing sector, no matter how niche. This experience has provided us with the understanding of the unique challenges businesses face in this industry.

By benchmarking your performance against industry standards, we can identify areas for improvement, track campaign performance, measure ROI and most importantly, deliver tangible results.

In fact, you can see for yourself how our services have benefited manufacturing businesses by looking at our results page.

Alternatively, speak to our team of B2B digital marketing experts today to enhance the online performance of your manufacturing business.