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5 Frequently Asked Questions To Take The Confusion Out Of Remarketing

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5 Frequently Asked Questions To Take The Confusion Out Of Remarketing

Sep 5, 2017

Everybody knows that the concept of remarketing is a good idea, but implementing it within their marketing strategy is another story with a lot of questions. The biggest reason for this is because it is still a fairly new ‘term’ in the marketing world, having been launched in AdWords only seven years ago (March 2010).

n order to take the confusion out of remarketing, I have decided to answer the five most commonly asked questions on the subject.

1. What Does Remarketing Mean?

Remarketing is exactly how it sounds – marketing to people you have already marketed to. Each day you will have a number of visitors to your website, but not all of these will complete the action you want them to take. For example, if you run an E-commerce website, the visitor could leave the site without making a purchase. So, maybe they weren’t ready to buy or they were just looking around out of interest.

With remarketing, you are able to show an advert to that user once they have left your site as they are browsing other sites on the internet. Sometimes, having a small reminder about the item they were just looking at is all it takes to convince them to re-visit your site and complete that purchase, send an enquiry or complete any other action that may be useful to your business.

2. Why Is Remarketing Important?

These are just a few of the reasons why remarketing is a valuable, effective marketing strategy for any business:

  • The majority of site visitors will leave your site without taking the desired action.
  • Visitors will often visit a site on more than one occasion before completing an action.
  • Remarketing catches visitors at their ‘decision-making’ stage.
  • It can encourage previous visitors to your site to complete an action that your business would find valuable, like making a purchase or filling out an enquiry form.
  • Remarketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy as you only get charged when the ad is clicked. Cost-per-click is much lower than search advertising.
  • Your remarketing strategy is customisable to your business.

3. How Does Remarketing Work?

It all starts with cookies. Not the tasty kind, but the kind that websites store on an internet user’s computer. A little snippet of code in your website’s HTML is all it takes to track user’s cookies so that they can be identified as having visited your site.

Google, Facebook and email marketing platforms are able to use these cookies to display your ad to previous visitors to your site whilst they are browsing the web.

4. What Does A Remarketing Ad Look Like?

The best part about remarketing ads is that they can be customised to your business. You choose the image you want the visitor to see, you add your logo, a clever little piece of ad-copy and you’ve got a unique advert to show to potential customers. This is where a little creative prowess comes in very handy.

Here are a couple of great examples of remarketing ads (which I borrowed from WordStream)

This is a great example of a Facebook retargeting ad, giving the previous visitor a fantastic reason why they should come back and complete the purchase.

Retargeting ad example

Here’s another good example of a retargeting ad encouraging a user to return to the site after abandoning the cart. This ad cleverly displays the reasons why the buyer should purchase from them with phrases such as “price match guarantee” and “free shipping on orders over £35”.

Retargeting ad - complete your purchase

5. How Effective Is Remarketing?

For the time and money it takes to set up and manage a remarketing campaign, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this will be one of the best marketing decisions you ever made.

Here are the three best reasons why:

  • Remarketing is shown to significantly increase conversions.
  • Remarketing campaigns see a drastic increase in ROI (return on investment).
  • Whether the ad is clicked or not, visibility on the internet raises your brand awareness.

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